Car Port, Soffits, Fascia & Gutter Cleaning in Parkstone

Gutter cleaning in Poole

This house needed its gutters, soffits and fascia cleaning badly. They were covered in dirt and cobwebs and from the state of them on the outside, I could only guess how awful the actual gutters were on the inside!

But this is a fairly normal state of affairs, hardly any of my clients heed the warnings to get gutters cleaned annually to prevent overflows and potential damp problems! It’s only when the gutters look unsightly or are seen to be overflowing that I get a call for a ‘quick quote’ and the question, how soon could you come to clean them?

Spring and Autumn are the busiest seasons – in the Autumn it’s generally after the leaves have fallen and we’ve experienced a few storms, that I get calls about overflowing gutters; and in Spring it’s generally the customers who want to spring-clean the exterior of their property – although April showers can again cause overflowing gutters that hadn’t been noticed over the winter.

This gutter cleaning job was slightly different to the norm, as there was also a carport that the owner couldn’t reach to clean anymore, so that was incorporated into the spring clean too. They were very happy with the results!

If you’re looking to spring clean the exterior of your property call Xtreme Gutter Clean for soffits, fascia and guttering cleaning in Parkstone, Poole, Bournemouth or Christchurch areas. We offer free competitive quotes and can include carport roof cleans too.

After gutter cleaning in Parkstone, Poole
After gutter cleaning at a property in Parkstone, Poole.
Before gutter cleaning in Parkstone, Poole
During gutter cleaning in Parkstone, Poole
Cleaning a dirty carport in Parkstone, Poole
Cleaning a dirty carport in Parkstone, Poole