Grassy Gutter Cleaning Christchurch

This semi-detached property was in dire need of gutter cleaning in Christchurch. I doubt the gutters had been cleaned for 5 – 10 years with the amount of grass growing out of them. It was like a gutter lawn in most places!

Fortunately, the gutter cleaning vacuum I use has very strong suction & it was able to slowly pull out the grass a section at a time without damaging the guttering. It couldn’t suck the grass sections down the usual pipe though, as they were too big, so I had to manually bring each section down to ground level and pull it off the vacuum! This was one of the most difficult gutter cleans I’ve ever done, but it was a great challenge & I finished the job with a sense of pride knowing their gutters will run freely again next time it rains, rather than overflowing.

Please don’t leave your gutters if they’re visibly growing grass or weeds, you won’t like the consequences of overflowing guttering. Give Xtreme Gutter Cleaning a call for a quick quote – we’re very reasonable and offer expert gutter cleaning services in Christchurch, Bournemouth & Poole.

Grassy gutters in Christchurch
Grassy gutter vacuuming in Christchurch
Grassy gutter cleaning Christchurch
Back of house has grass filled gutters too
After gutter cleaning Christchurch
After gutter cleaning Christchurch
Grass removed from gutters in Christchurch