Gutter Cleaning in Poole

This 4-bedroom detached house in Poole was in obvious need of gutter cleaning, with weeds growing out of the front gutter, as can be seen in the picture the client took from the bedroom window. This house also has a large oak tree in the back garden, so some leaf debris had accumulated too.

Using our gutter cleaning vacuum, with a bit of cajoling, the weed mass was extracted. I could then continue with the full gutter cleaning service, ensuring all the dirt and leaf debris was cleared. We use a small camera attached to the top of the vacuum pole to check nothing is left behind.

Client Testimonial

Daniel did a wonderful job cleaning my gutters. The price was very competitive, and I’d definitely recommend him.”
Mrs P, Poole

We always recommend regular gutter cleaning to ensure your property is protected from the elements all year round. Don’t risk blockages that can result in costly repairs due to damp getting into your home. Whether your gutters are UPVC or metal, thorough gutter cleaning is required to keep them in optimum condition.

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Gutter Cleaning in Poole
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gutter cleaning in poole